UNLIMITED LIVE is our live events business. We curate, host and present talks, conversations and panel discussions at events around the world, and produce conferences and educational programmes, often in partnership with our media.

CMU INSIGHTS CONFERENCES take place at the heart of The Great Escape showcase festival and industry convention in Brighton each May. They are full-day events, each conference focused on a different aspect of the music industry with a combination of talks, case studies, interviews and panel discussions | MORE

ARTIST:ENTREPRENEUR DAY is an educational partnership between the Featured Artists Coalition and CMU:DIY. Taking place at venues and festivals around the UK, A:E Day is an artist-to-artist educational programme providing a practical guide for early-career artist entrepreneurs through interactive guides and artist-led conversations | MORE

CHRIS COOKE’S FREE SPEECH is a free speech about free speech, a piece of performance journalism produced by UnLimited Live. Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Free Speech explores what UK law says about freedom of expression, recent controversies around freedom of speech, and when – if ever – it is right to censor | INFO